Basic Electronic Trainer Kit

KMS 100 Series Device Characteristics Trainer Kit

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Unit 

Banking on our latest infrastructure facility, we are engaged in offering a wide assortment of KMS100SeriesDeviceCharacteristicsTrainerKit. This high quality trainer kit is offered with KMS-101 characteristics of semiconductor (Diodes, Zener, Germanium Diode, and LED, DAIC). These are available with KMS-102 characteristics of transistors (CB, CC, and CE), KMS-103 characteristics of FET, MOSFET, IGBT, KMS-104 characteristics of UJT, PUT, OPTO, KMS-105 characteristics of SCR & TRIAC and KMS-106 characteristics of LDR, Photo diode, Photo transistor.

KMS 800 Series Power Electronics Trainer Kit

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Unit/Onwards 

We bring forth a comprehensive range of KMS 800 Series Power Electronics Trainer Kit. This high performing Power Electronics Trainer Kit is offered with

  • KMS-801 SCR Timer using SCR, UJT & Put Relaxation Oscillator
  • KMS-802 Half Wave/Full Wave Rectifier using SCR, SCR Phase Control USING RC TRIGGERD
  • KMS-803 SCR Phase Control using DIAC/TRIAC, UJT, R Triggered
  • KMS-804 SCR Trigger Using Put
  • KMS-805 Speed Control of Dc Motor using SCR (Open Loop)
  • KMS-806 Forced Commutation Using SCR
  • KMS-807 Inverter Using SCR (Parallel)
  • KMS-808 DV/DT Limitation of SCR
  • KMS-809 SCR Turn On Trainer
  • KMS-810 Chopper Using SCR
  • KMS-811 Jones Chopper
  • KMS-812 Morgans Chopper

  • KMS-813 Step-Up Chopper

  • KMS-814 Step-Down Chopper

  • KMS-815 SCR Series Inverter

  • KMS-816 SCR Parallel Inverter

  • KMS-817 Single Phase Cyclo-Convertor

  • KMS-818 Full-Wave Midpoint with R-Load

  • KMS-819 Inverter Using SCR (Bed ford Method)

  • KMS-820 Chopper Using MOSFET

  • KMS-821 AC Chopper

  • KMS-822 DC Motor Control Using SCR (Closed Loop)

  • KMS-823 DC Drive Demonstrator

  • KMS-824 AC Drive Demonstrator

KMS 900 Series Digital Electronic Trainer Kit

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Unit/Onwards 

With the active support of our team of experts, we are engaged in offering a huge gamut of KMS900SeriesDigitalElectronicsTrainerKit. This superior make Digital Electronics Trainer Kit is available with KMS-902 Basic Logic Gates (Using Digital IC's , Diodes & Transistors), KMS-903 Astable, Monostable, Bistable, Rs Flip Flop, KMS-904 Boolean Algebraic Eqn & De-Morgans Theorem, KMS-905 AlU Using 74181 and KMS-906 8x1 Multiplexer, 1x8 De-multiplexer, 8x3 Encoder 3x8 Decoder.




  • KMS-907 RS, D Type Flip Flop Trainer

  • KMS-908 JK, T, M/S JK Type Flip Flop Trainer

  • KMS-909 Half/Full Adder, Half/Full Sub-tractor Trainer

  • KMS-910 4 BIT Asynchronous Up/Down & BCD Counter Using 7473

  • KMS-911 Modulo-N-Counter (N = 2 TO 15)

  • KMS-912 4 Bit Decade Counter & 4 Bit Shift Register

  • KMS-913 Analog to Digital Converter Trainer

  • KMS-914 Digital to Analog Converter Trainer

  • KMS-915 PISO, SIPO, SISO, PIPO Trainer

  • KMS-916 Seven Segment Decoder Trainer


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